Collection: Cambric Dust Cover

What are upholstery dust covers?

A dust cover is the black fabric you typically see stapled underneath a chair, sofa or over box springs to help protect against dust and conceal springs or webbing. Cambric is the ideal fabric because it’s a lightweight, breathable material that has some stretch to it, so you get a tight finish while also giving your furniture that completed look.

Common Uses of Dust Cover Fabric

  • Spring and webbing concealer and dust cloth for underneath furniture, like armchairs and sofas
  • Box springs cover
  • Soft backing for the backside of headboards to better protects walls
  • Backing for upholstery, sewing and embroidery projects
  • Scratch guard and protective cover with electronics, lamp bases, etc. 

Whether you’ve got a DIY furniture project in mind or updating an antique piece is on your honey-do list, our commercial quality upholstery fabrics and upholstery cambric dust cover fabrics, are perfect for any large or small upholstery projects.

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