Metal Flexible Tack Strip, Curve Ease for Upholstery- 20ft

Metal Flexible Tack Strip, Curve Ease for Upholstery- 20ft

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PROFESSIONAL GRADE - This is the same metal flexible tack strip used by upholstery experts all throughout the furniture industry. Whether you need to repair an antique chair or build a new sofa, you can rest easy knowing that this flex grip is the perfect supply to upholster curves and contours on your workpiece

ECONOMICAL - Let's face it, furniture can be expensive! Nobody wants to replace a sofa just because some fabric has come undone. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying a new couch or paying someone to fix it, you can tackle the job yourself for a fraction of the cost

VERSATILE - Flexible tack strip is ideal for tacking down fabric on the curved parts of a workpiece, but the strips can also be used in other areas to secure fabric in place

SECURE - Each individual tab of the tack strip contains 3 teeth to ensure that the fabric won't slip out it's grasp

SIMPLE - Aside from a staple gun and a rubber mallet, there are no special tools needed to install flexible tack strip

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