Upholstery Tack/Chip Strip

Upholstery Tack/Chip Strip

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PROFESSIONAL - Create beautiful straight edges around your workpiece wherever fabric needs to be attached without staples being visible. Tack strip is commonly used to upholster the arms and the top edge of the outer back fabric.

SECURE - Regardless of whether you are building a new couch or doing some reupholstery work on an old chair, you want to be certain that the fabric is going to stay secured in place for years to come

LOW PROFILE - The cardboard tack strip measures 0.5" wide by 20 yards long and can easily be cut to length with a pair of scissors.

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED - If you have been nervous to tackle an upholstery project that requires tack strip, you can now accomplish that project with confidence. Our step by step instructions walk you through the general installation process. The only tools you'll need are a pair of scissors and a staple gun

ECONOMICAL - Let's face it, furniture can be expensive! Nobody wants to replace a couch just because the fabric on the back of the sofa is no longer attached. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying a new couch, you can repair the sofa yourself for a fraction of the cost